OG Labs Throw Down

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  • Public
  • Mike Wise
  • 01.04.2021
  • 01:00
  • 02 Hours | 00 Minutes
  • Sports, Skateboarding
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Series Rules

The OG Labs Throw Down is a series of nine free monthly online skateboarding contests!


Riders can compete in a super laid back atmosphere in order to win free CBD products and get a chance to be crowned the 2021 OG Labs Throw Down Champion!

With that they earn an official sponsorship from our company and a permanent spot on our Pro Team!


Each competition will be a different type of theme/type of trick to challenge riders on different terrain. This theme will be announced on the first of every month and will run until the end of that month, from now until December 2021; exclusively on battle-now.com!


The competitors from each challenge collect points for the Live Series Ranking. The points are given based on the number of competitors in each challenge to ensure a fair ranking. Here is explained how it works: How the Live Series Ranking works

The more challenges you compete in, the better!


The rider who is leading after our last monthly contest in December will be announced as the 2021 OG Labs Throw Down Champion and will be awarded with the official team sponsorship.


Trick Submission Video Rules:

All clips and videos must show the ride up, landing, and roll away of the trick. These videos have to be unedited with no cuts and can not be in slow motion.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing all of your awesome videos! You can also check out our website to see our amazing all natural products and meet our team as well at: www.oglabsgenetics.com



Competitors Public

Everyone can join this battle! Film your entry and go for it!

Judges C 50% + J 50%

Both the whole Battle Now community and a judgepanel are judging. So share this battle with your friends to get more judges involved. The weighting between community score and judgepanel score is displayed above.

Live Series Ranking

# Name Battles Average Score Rating
1 AvatarBlognaa 0
2 AvatarChimikon 0
3 AvatarDiogo Lopes 0
4 AvatarGidschge 0
5 AvatarHugosilvaskt 0
6 AvatarIvanmelo 0
7 AvatarJoana Fuchs 0
8 AvatarJosefuentes 0
9 AvatarMoonkeyPvz 0
10 Avatarboarder_rubinho 0
11 Avatardvgsk8 0
12 Avatargettojaneczek 0
13 Avatargoskatealec 0
14 Avatarofnerpd 0
15 Avatarpaddyglabien 0
16 Avatartomas_lopes 0

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