How to Battle


Join Battles.To compete with others.

On each competition page there is the option to Join the Battle under the specific battle rules. On public battles every user can join without any restrictions. On private battles the organizer has to put you on the competitor list.


Judge Battles.To show expertise in you category.

There are 3 types of judging for all battles. The community score, where every spectator can judge, the competitor score for all joined competitor of a battle and the judgepanel score with selected user as judge.


Organize Battles.Make our community Happy.

On your profile you can create a new battle and choose the types and judging method you like. On the content page you can setup even more options and choose your individual battle banner.

Easy to use our platform.

Choose from a wide range of competition options to be connected to your community.

Register your account.

The registration takes only about a minute and need a minimum of your private information. The battle name can be your real name, a nickname or an organization name


Choose your Battle.

Browse between all categories and put the battles you are interested in to your watchlist.


Join with your video.

Your video can now be watched and judged. Enjoy!

Wanna start to be part of your first Battle? Login here

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