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OG Labs Throw Down - Best Trick Regular Then Switch

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  • Public
  • Mike Wise
  • 01.10.2021 - 10:00
  • 01.11.2021 - 23:30
  • 48 hours deadline
  • Sports, Skateboarding
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Battle Rules

Hello and welcome to the OG Labs Throw Down!

For this skateboarding competition, we want to see a total of 2 tricks in the video. The best trick you can do in your normal stance, then the same trick switch!

Only videos with a trick in your regular stance then the same trick in your switch stance will be counted. It does not have to be in one run, in can be 2 seperate clips edited together.

It can be a flip trick, down a gap or stairs, on transition, a grind, a manual, whatever. The video does not need to be a new clip, so you can upload something you already filmed before. Just keep in mind that you can not submit the same clip for any of the next competitions we plan to host in the upcoming weeks and months.

No Slow Motion or editing of the videos in any way. Your submission must show the ride up and roll away after landing. Also, uploading your clip gives us permission to use your video for social media promotion.

Make sure to tag our Instagram Account @og.labs.genetics if you upload your entry on Instagram so that we can share your entry to the battle page!

The winners for this competition will receive a free bottle of CBD oil and a CBD Pain Balm sent directly from our company to your door!

1st Place - 1 x 15% CBD Oil bottle and 1 x Recover Balm
2nd Place - 1 x 10% CBD Oil bottle and 1 x Recover Balm
3rd Place - 1 x 5% CBD Oil bottle and 1 x Recover Balm

This OG Labs Throw Down is part of a series with 1 contest happening every month in 2021. The overall series winner will recieve an official sponsorship from us at the end of the year.


The competitions will be judged by a judgepanel selected by OG Labs!
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Check out our homepage to meet our team and see what amazing products we have!

Good Luck and Happy Shredding!!



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