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The IWWF Wakeboard League is a series of individual competitions in which the participants collect points to ultimately choose the IWWF Wakeboard League in their respective categories.

Each Competiton will be rewarded with 100 International Ranking Points for the first Place. International 1 STAR Competition!

There are a total of ten battles per category. A battle is published 2 weeks before the respective deadline of the battle.
The deadline will be announced per battle. In general, however, the deadline on Saturday evening is 11pm CET. The judges then have all Sunday to 7 pm to evaluate and rank your videos. Depending of the number of uploaded videos, ties could be possible!

The IWWF Wakeboard League is run on the platform Battle NOW!

Registration is very easy:
Register on www.cablewakeboard.net with your Real Name.
Join on cablewakeboard.net the relevant online competition!
Register on Battle NOW with the same real name! In case username is not free anymore, add your birthyear or your second name!

How to upload your video:
Film your contribution and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Click on Battle Series and select your suitable Battle Series.
Select the current battle in the Battle Series and click on “Join Battle”
Now you can simply copy the link to your video!
Done - we look forward to your video!
By participating in battles, you improve your series ranking based on your placement. Your placement counts in relation to the total number of participants in the battle. An example for easy understanding:
2 participants in a category in a battle. 1st place receives 100% of the maximum number of points and second place receives 50% (½ of 100%) of the maximum number of points.
10 participants in one The 1st place receives 100% of the maximum number of points, the 2nd place receives 90% (9/10 of 100%) of the maximum number of points, the 3rd place receives 80% (8/10 of 100%) of the maximum score and so on.

You always get points when you take part in a battle, only if you miss a battle there are no points.

General Riding Rules: Participants are not allowed to use short ropes for their battle clips.

General Video Cutting Rules:
The videos must have a resolution of at least 1080p. Cuts within the trick or tricks are not allowed. Change of speed of the clips or slowmotions in the first main part of the clips are not allowed.
It is possible to add a second part behind the first orginial uncutted and unchanged video with special effects.
The approach of the respective trick, the trick and a landing including driving on must be shown.
Please upload your best falls and crashes below “BEST CRASH” and score yourself!

So that you also know how the judges evaluate, here are the criteria:

Technical Performance (0-5 points)
Difficulty: How difficult is your contribution?
Composition: Of course only applies to lines. Do you vary your tricks? Do you turn in different directions? Do you do different grabs? ...

Impression (0-5 points)
Style: Do you give the tricks a personal touch? Are you digging Do you build in creative elements? How high are your tricks ...
Clean: is the landing clean? Pre-spin? Are you digging or are you still groping? ...

The videos can be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.

A valid competition license is required for participation. Participants without a license can participate in two battles. Then you have to get the license. You can get this easily and quickly by joining a water ski or wakeboard club. More information is available on your national Waterski and Wakeboard Federation homepage. The points earned by Battles for which participants did not yet have a valid competition license also count towards the overall rating but are not valid for the IWWF International World Ranking List..

As the organizer, the IWWF reserves the right to disqualify participants.

The reasons for disqualification could be the followings:
Unsporting behavior, both in person and online! This includes insults and disproportionately criticized judging. Riding without impact protection / life jacket or helmet Uploading Videos with short ropes Uploading Videos with slowmotions in the first part of the videos.

If you want to support the IWWF Wakeboard League, please get in touch at any time! We appreciate help of any kind!

If you have any questions, please write to us at office@cablewakeboard.net

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Everyone can join this battle! Film your entry and go for it!

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